How to select your sink


Installation Type


All bench materials can use topmount sinks where the sink is installed above the bench top. Solid surface bench tops can use either undermount sinks, where the sink is installed below the bench top or flushmount sinks, where the sink is installed so that the sink and bench top sit flush.


Depending on your kitchen design and personal preference, select how many bowls you want, how many drainers if any at all and if you require the bowls on the left or right hand side.

Bowl Size

Check your cabinet is wide enough (left to right) and deep enough (front to back) to accommodate the bowls of your sink.

Fabricated / Pressed

Pressed bowls are made from drawing the bowl's shape out of a sheet of stainless steel while fabricated bowls are made by folding their shape and welding it's sides. For a quality pressed bowl sink ensure it ismanufactured from at least two sheets of stainless steel.

Edge Roll / Micro Edge

When selecting a topmount sink, a rolled edge gives a traditional look while a micro or bevel edge gives a seamless, minimalist look.


Sinks can be manufactured from different thickness stainless steel, generally the thicker the steel the more expensive the sink becomes. Sinks can come in polished, brushed or coloured stainless steel or even black glass or granite.

Tap Hole Options

Make sure your sink selection can accommodate any additional accessories you may want such as filter taps or soap dispensers. Either the manufacturer or the installer will punch/drill the additional holes as long as your sink has the strength required.

Integrated Seal

Quality rolled edge sinks are fitted with a continuous foam gasket seal which ensures a water tight installation of your sink.

Softtone / Soundproofing / Backing Board

Particularly for large, deep sinks look out for soundproofing which is applied to the underside of the bowl to reduce noise and retain water temperature. Wood backing boards on the underside of the sink's drainer can also assist in reducing noise.

Basket Wastes

Ensure your sink is supplied with Australian Standards certified basket wastes. Modern basket wastes are easy to use with a pull up to strain and drain, push down to seal capability. Look for sinks with rear waste outlets which provide more usable cupboard space below your sink and ensure they are suitable for use with garbage disposal units.

Country of Origin

As well as supporting Australian manufacturing, Australian made products can offer flexibilities which importers cannot, such as faster delivery times.


Look out for custom made accessories included with your kitchen sink which make the most of your sink space. Once a clean-up station only, your sink can now be used as a fully functioning food preparation area.

Warranty / Service

Compare warranties in the market place to see which brands have the most confidence in their products and if they are backed by a dedicated after sales team.