Tap Selection


Country of Origin

Look for product sourced from experienced, reputable manufacturers who create quality products that
comply with Australian standards.


Ensure the mixer you’ve selected carries the Watermark Logo. It confirms the product complies with Australian Standards.


Compare warranties in the market place to see which brands have the most confidence in their products and if they are backed by a dedicated after sales team.

DR Brass

Dezincification Resistant (DR) Brass is durable for long life.

Ceramic Discs

Assists with drip prevention, smooth handle movement and is longer lasting. Water is mixed inside the cartridge to stop the heating of the outer tap edges.


Water Pressure

Check your homes water pressure when selecting your mixer. Be sure that water pressure is compatible with the guides specified within your warranty.

Spout Height/Reach

If you have a shelf above the sink, a tall spout may not fit. Consider your bowl configuration and how far your tap needs to reach.

Spray Button

Some mixers have easy-flick buttons which change the water from a high pressure stream to a shower spray.



Consider the different styles of taps available and whether they suit the décor of your home.

Pull Out Mixer

Consider a pull out mixer to increase reach. This is particularly helpful when filling pots and vases.


Choose a finish that complements other kitchen appliances. Polished, brushed, matte black or granite finishes are available to match your kitchen.

Tap lever

Single handle mixers are more convenient. Temperature adjustment is easier, plus only one handle to clean!