Pressed stainless steel sinks

Made in Australia for over 75 years.

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Oliveri are proud of the products we manufacture and supply. Our warranty periods reflect the enduring quality of our products to give you confidence in your Oliveri purchase.

Residential and commercial warranty periods and associated terms and conditions are detailed in the Warranty document displayed here.


Warranties for purchases
from March 2022

Before you make a warranty claim

If the Product is defective and it has not been installed, the Product can be returned with proof of purchase to the place of purchase. 

Before making a warranty claim, please:

  1. minimise the risk of danger or further damage by shutting off the water supply; and
  2. contact your Product installer / plumber to ensure the Product has been installed correctly.

For sinks only: Before making a warranty claim, please also confirm that the benchtop is level, the cut-out is correct, and the sink has been installed correctly.

How to make a warranty claim

To make a warranty claim, please contact Oliveri by phone: 0800 440 606 or by email:

No specific claim form is required however the following documentation must be supplied as part of your claim:
proof of purchase;

  • handover documentation (for new homes);
  • for water filter systems only: A copy of a certificate which certifies that the unit was installed in compliance with our printed installation instructions and all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards;
  • your contact details, including the address of the installed Product;
  • photo/s of your Product and the defect in question; and
  • details of the warranty claim including date of installation, installer details, and a description of the product fault.

If an Oliveri Warranty service call finds that your Product does not have a genuine manufacturing defect, Oliveri or our Warranty Service Agent reserves the right to charge you a service fee.

For full terms and conditions and relevant domestic and commercial warranty periods please refer to the document linked above.