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Outstanding colour

Colour has a remarkable impact on the style and mood of the spaces we live in.

The Oliveri colour range can help you create gentle accents or bold features that will be sure to satisfy a variety of tastes and styles.

With over a dozen colours to choose from and multiple finishing processes, you’ll be able to make your own signature mark, and a lasting impression.

Browse our range of colour finishes below.

Colours / Finishes


With its light and fresh shine, chrome is classic and versatile. Perfect for use across kitchen, bathroom and laundry spaces, you can use it confidently alongside almost any other colour choice. Integrate it into conservative styles or use it boldly against timber and black features.

Brushed Chrome

Brushed chrome has a satin affect that marks a contemporary alternative to traditional chrome. Hide fingerprints and create a gentler tone by opting for this subtle brushed textured look without moving too far from the classic chrome style.

Stainless Steel

A silver-grey appearance with a cool and bright edge, stainless steel is a popular choice for kitchen tapware and accessories. Working well anywhere from traditional to contemporary and homely to commercial, stainless steel is both a dependable colour choice and an extremely durable finish. 


The dark, cool hues of gunmetal give this popular deep-silver option a strong, masculine look. Gunmetal works best for modern designs. With less reflections than stainless steel and chrome, it complements darker decors. It can also provide a great contrast to whites and other neutrals.


Copper is making a comeback and is a bold, modern choice for sinks, tapware and accessories. The natural tones of this finish complement clear finished timbers as well as rich, deep colours like navy blue. Our copper-coloured sinks and accessories have a PVD finish that allows you to keep the much-loved reddish-brown tones but with durability that natural copper can’t offer.

Natural brass

This unique finish is designed to evolve over time and with use. Being a ‘living finish’ it’s earthy red-brown tones will deepen and gradually develop into an antique weathered-metal appearance. A clear choice for something different and a popular choice in bold modern kitchens and laundries. Its natural tones work well with almost any colour scheme.

Brushed gold

The bright look of brushed gold is a great way to create some excitement in any kitchen or laundry. This brushed finish adds texture and a contemporary take to a classic colour. A fun and very on-trend alternative to traditional gold or silver-themed accessories.

Bright gold

As the name suggests, bright gold takes the brightness up a notch from a brushed gold finish. Make a bigger, bolder statement with these accessories and use them to create a focal point in your room.

Classic gold

Classic gold has softer tones than both bright gold and brushed gold. A sophisticated, subtle accent colour, classic gold is designed specifically for bathrooms. Use classic gold to create a relaxing, warm, luxurious space. This versatile colour will work with any number of tile and cabinetry choices from subtle natural timber tones, blues and greens to contrasting white and black.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel has a soft, warm metallic tone and broad contemporary appeal. The brushed surface texture and deep tone reduce the metallic appearance somewhat making brushed nickel a versatile choice for a number of design styles. It works well in lighter, contemporary colour schemes and is less likely to show fingerprints or water spots than brushed or bright chrome, making it a low-maintenance choice for busy, shared spaces or commercial settings.

Matte black

There’s something enduring about the look of matte black. It’s bold and striking and a confident choice for a modern design. Perfect for the ultra-modern, monochromatic look. Great with subway tiles and bright, airy spaces. Best used with something to soften the space, like plants or timber features.


PVD-finished black is a very deep metallic, brushed black tone that is an energetic alternative to matte black. This black option is versatile and suited to pairing with other colours. It’s a bold choice, and when carefully applied and used with softer furnishings or plants it creates just the right drama in any modern bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Matte white

There’s something alluring about matte white. Clean, cool, soothing. Matte white is a perfect partner for satin chrome on our popular Italian tapware. A great finish to highlight white tiles, benchtops and appliances in a kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Without the edge of glossier whites, matte white is a modern and enduring colour option in any design.

Black granite

A combination of granite, quartz and resin is used to make our exclusive black granite sinks. This composite material looks and behaves like stone and is extremely durable. The quartz component provides a unique sparkle and the granite a satin shine, setting it apart from other composite sinks. The surface is hard-wearing and low maintenance. A unique choice for a contemporary kitchen or laundry sink.

A black granite finish is also available on our Vilo and Pepe tapware. It’s a powder-coat finish that is designed to complement our black granite sinks.

White Granite

Our white granite is also made from a granite, quartz and resin composite that takes on a look like stone for a very striking appearance in sinks. Like matte white, it’s a pared back, softer white look compared to glossy acrylic or vitreous china, making it a unique and contemporary style choice.  

Finishing methods

Not all colour finishes are created using the same method. The variety of colours that Oliveri have to offer is a result of employing numerous different finishing techniques.

The most appropriate technique will depend on the materials being coated, the products intended use and where they will be installed.

We use the latest technology and rigorous testing to always bring you the highest quality finishes and leading product warranties so you can be confident your favourite products will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Learn more about our range of finishing processes below.


PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating is the application of vaporised metals to a surface for protection and to add colour. During this process, metal vapours condense and harden forming a thin, smooth metallic surface coating. The finish is particularly durable while allowing the unique characteristics of the coated surface to remain visible. PVD is a popular finish for bathroom and kitchen tapware and other metallic surfaces. The result is a stunning smooth and sophisticated appearance. It is safe and sustainable with little waste.


Electroplating is the most common method for applying protective coatings to kitchen, bathroom and laundry products, especially classic chrome-plating. It uses an electrical charge to deposit a surface coating onto the base material. An electroplated finish is particularly smooth and even and is one of the most effective, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant finishes available.


Galvanic finishes, like electroplating, provide a protective metallic coating that reduces oxidation and other surface degradation while adding decorative colour. A galvanically applied coating is typically made of multiple layers of nickel, zinc, zinc alloy or other metallic coatings which are deposited on a surface using an electrolytic process.

Powder coating

Powder coating involves applying a dry powder compound to a product and using heat to melt and bond the material to the surface. The powder coating is initially sprayed around the product and is drawn onto the surface by electrostatic action. The resulting finish is thick and hard, and the decorative options numerous and varied - from gloss or matte to textured finishes in almost any colour imaginable. The even result provides a smooth modern look, and the thick, bonded application is durable and efficient with limited waste and impact on the environment.

Lacquer coating

Lacquer coating is a surface finish created by applying numerous thin layers of polyurethane. The clear or pigmented coating is sprayed on a product to protect and enhance the surface appearance, accentuating metallic finishes or adding a unique hand-crafted or antiquated look. Perfect for high gloss finishes, lacquered coatings are also used to minimise the appearance of fingerprints on special metallic finishes making them easier to maintain.